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Play Pals Inclusive Preschool for All Children in the East Bay

Set the foundation for your child’s educational success with a curriculum tailored to their unique abilities.

Two children engaged in creative play at a green activity table in a preschool classroom with art supplies

Do you want to go beyond preschools that...

  • Overlook diverse needs
  • Are constrained to one-path learning
  • Do not foster social skills development

  • Lack individual attention
  • Don’t honor your child’s uniqueness
  • Are not focused on cultivating empathy

Inclusive by Design

Play Pals preschool values diversity, embracing unique needs with a curriculum that adapts to your child

Dynamic Learning Paths

The play-based Reggio-inspired environment encourages multiple ways for your child to learn and grow

Welcoming All Abilities

Teachers cater to diverse needs, providing a space where children with all abilities are included and supported

“Play Pals program has been LIFE CHANGING… the best part is she LOVES the program and her teachers.”

-Grace B.

“The staff goes above and beyond to to be inclusive, we've loved our time spent with Claire and staff.”

Jessica V.

“Where do I even begin? I am so happy my husband and I enrolled our daughter in this program.”

-Andrea R.

We understand the uncertainty parents feel when selecting a preschool.

Three Steps to Enroll at Play Pals

Schedule Your Tour

Book a tour time through the website or contact us to discuss your child’s needs

Complete Enrollment

Fill out an enrollment packet and pay enrollment fees to secure your child's place

Prepare for Day One

Pack your child's lunch, reusable water bottle, and indoor shoes

Play Pals Inclusion Preschool knows that you want to be a confident and supportive parent who empowers your child’s early education.

In order to do that, you need a preschool that recognizes and enriches your child’s unique learning style.

The problem is that many educational environments offer a one-size-fits-all approach, which can make you anxious about whether your child’s individual needs will be met.

Play Pals Inclusion Preschool believes that every child deserves a learning experience that celebrates their interests and abilities.

We understand the importance of quality early childhood education and the difference it can make in a child’s life, which is why we’ve created a nurturing, inclusive setting with a high adult-to-child ratio and personalized support.

  1. Personalized Curriculum: We adapt our Reggio-inspired approach to fit your child’s natural curiosity and follow their lead.
  2. Integrated Support: If your child needs additional support, we provide on-site occupational and speech therapy, as well as ABA services.
  3. Daily Updates via App: A user-friendly app keeps you in the loop, sharing your children’s daily activities and progress.

Four Children at Play Pals Inclusive Preschool in San Leandro East Bay California

Take the first step towards finding a more affirming community by booking a tour.

Look forward to celebrating your child’s personal achievements and joyful learning experiences at Play Pals Inclusion Preschool.

The Play Pals Philosophy

"I highly recommend Play Pals...they really care about my family."
Michelle F.
Hayward, CA

As a Reggio-inspired program, PlayPals creates co-learning environments where teachers have a lateral relationship with children rather than a hierarchical one.

In addition to a teaching curriculum that views all children as competent and capable learners and individuals, we are firm believers that it is a child’s right to be a part of an inclusive setting.

For neurotypical children, studies indicate increased empathy and compassion for those around them, while outcomes for children with developmental delays include increased language development and social skills.

We find it incredibly important to reinforce the different milestones within social and emotional development and kindness with others.

Onsite speech and occupational therapy services will be offered to students who require additional support!

Research has shown that in the field of early education, inclusion settings benefit children with and without special needs.

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